A Small Contribution to a Greater Cause.

Think201.org_Gram Mangal Pathahgar

Ever since its inception, Think201 has believed in reaching greater heights by lifting others in the process. As a technology-driven company, we have tried to find ways to make a difference in the society using technology.

We have known and seen the power and impact of even a small act of kindness. We, as a team and as individuals, constantly look forward to contributing for the society in one way or the other. While we never cease to believe that, ‘big dreams have small beginnings’, we also never stop believing that ‘small actions make big differences’.

Although our contribution is just a speck in the cosmos, we hope to continue our efforts in having a lasting and profound effect in the society. One such effort by Think201 is its contribution of Rs. 75,000/- to Gram Mangal Pathahgar as a token of gratitude for all its good deeds.

Gram Mangal Pathagar is an NGO in Balangir, Orissa. The NGO undertakes various activities including Women & Child Development, Orphanage, Open Shelter Home, Old Age Home, Economic Empowerment, Women in decision making, Environment & Plantation, Education & Literacy & cultivation division. The NGO which is located in the neighborhood of the CEO, Anurag Rath, has been making a difference for several years.

Following our passion, we feel accomplished; but giving back to the society, makes us feel complete. If we are unable to take care of the world that we live in, then who will? We don’t simply sit, and wait for miracles to occur. We believe in making things happen. Our contribution might be in dribs and drabs today, but we hope to make them bigger than big in the future.  

When it’s for a good cause, we’ll do it as long as we can.

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